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Art disturbs the comforted and comforts the disturbed.

I study Design and Engineering of Clothes on the Faculty for Technology and Metallurgy in Skopje. I have great interest for studying textile materials and their design. Also the construction and design of clothes. So when I say that my biggest inspiration in life is to intertwine science and art, fashion is like my blank canvas, where I combine my knowledge of technology and engineering with my creativity and imagination. Besides my studies, I take part in projects and activities that inspire me to do more and learn more. I create hand-painted clothes as a freelance designer. I have participated on Fashion Weekend Skopje three times with my own creations. My hobbies include reading, researching topics I find intriguing, gardening, pole-fitness and travelling whenever I am able to go anywhere.

Katerina Dimitrovska

A passionate wanderer between science and art. Design and technology. Spirituality and intellect.

i overthink,overfeel,overlove.

outta this world.