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Use the power of the comunity to get your product into production. Possibility to earn the most!

  1. The product gets posted on the platform for all to see for 28 days.
  2. After the minimum number of people plegde for it, iCR8 starts producing the item and handles shipping and delivery.
  3. Once the items are shipped, iCR8 will transfer you the money for the job well done!
If the minimum amount of items is not reached in 28 days, iCR8 will remove the product from our platform. You will be able to offer it again. Read more

Offer your product to shops for funding. The shop promotes and sells your product!

Some shop description

Fund the production by yourself. Be the complete master of your items. Choose to sell on iCR8 or your shop.

Some self descripton

You don't have to decide now, fine tune your product and then you can shift anytime via the Product Dashboard

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      Fashion Styles


        You can switch anytime as long as you follow ICR8's policy


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