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Floortje van Cooten

Floortje, from the blog Floortjeloves, designed together with iCR8 a t’shirt with the slogan ‘Beautiful as you are’. The message of the t’shirt says that every woman is beautiful as she is. Self-love and confidence are number one priority in this. But what if she doesn’t have the freedom to feel this way? That is why we donate €10 per sold t’shirt to Fee A Girl to give every girl in the world a chance to love herself.

Griz Triz

Well I started out by simply thrifting clothing in thrift stores and re-creating them to make fun unique outfits that I would post on my tumblr . I guess that's where all the traction began. And this was prior to my burning desire for fashion .

Unique S

We support creativity.  Unique and creative designs. Be unique wear unique.

Funky Fresh

We are established in February 2016, a team responsible for many significant guest and resident events since then in Skopje, actively involved in the side project for rare funk, soul, disco and beat music from the region (mostly ex-yu), and also a club night resident `Echo From the Far Past`. So far we have organized  over 60  events. As our annual event of regional importance it also marks the `Skopje Vinyl Convention` which had its first edition on 16.12.2017 in the Youth Cultural Center, Skopje. DJ / promo team: Goce SAF, Chvare, Strajk, HyperTech, Drazi Drags, Dimitri od Chair, Oky Doky, Ilic; visual identity / design: Nak47.  Now we have our merch for our fans.

Any May 1

Brave, daring, but most certainly comfortable – these are the thoughts that cross my mind about my design stuff. The sought after signature designs are derived from personal artworks.

Each artwork is a response inspiration taken from nature, a reflection of life experiences and travels, and the processes and works of favorite architects. Mainly minimalist sleek stuff.

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