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My name is Floortje. A life-addict loving fashion, beauty and basically life. I started my personal blog Floortjeloves in 2011 to share my inspiration, which I still to up until today. I hope to inspire people with the things I love and that inspire me. One of the ways to express that, is through my designs which you can find and shop in this store on iCR8. Here, I try to express my ideas, opinions and creativity into reality and make it accessible to everyone who likes it. 


My name is Dominic Grizzelle a 25 yr old LA/LV based Stylist/Content Creator. I started out by simply thrifting clothing in thrift stores and re-creating them to make fun unique outfits that I would post on my tumblr. I guess thats where all the traction began ...


Hey friends! I really wanted this t shirt for myself, so thought some of you lovelies might like one yourself! 

Fjolla Zeneli

I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.

Katerina Dimitrovska

A passionate wanderer between science and art. Design and technology. Spirituality and intellect.



Filip Mishevski

A designer, creative thinker and art director. No matter the title, I design brands, digital products and effective advertising campaigns. I have more than 10 years of experience and a lot of web and print work behind me. In the free time, I am an amateur photographer, gourmet chef and football fanatic.


Always looking for something fresh and different, on a hunt for that perfect item. Found in iCR8 limitless options for developing stuff by own taste. Love to create for no fuss type of people who love exclusive, interesting, quality pieces that can easily be worn with any outfit. In a handful of words, designs that are minimal, clean, sexy, fascinating and avant-garde.


Fashion enthusiast with deep interest and aspiration for design. Here to provide some of my recent works so you can put them on and show everyone what you stand for!



Kuleva Emilija


Stefania Zlatkova


Sara Gochevska


Savica Kusakatski

Not a professional designer, but I enjoy art and street fashion.


We're a Design & Photography studio specialized in designs on demand. We aim for quality, originality & greatness on every design all whilst having fun.



Merima Tut

I believe in individuality and the freedom to be whoever you want to be 

Vladimir Cvetkov

Short info.

Angela Donevska 

Excited to use this platform for getting creative and use my own digital art for creating some cool T-shirts for outstanding people. <p>BEng in the field of Design and engineering of clothes, graduated at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Skopje. An author and one of the coordinators at “Kocka”- a platform for support and empowerment of young designers and dancers. Some of my work was presented at Fashion Weekend Skopje, Skopje Design Week, “Skopje Kreativa”- Festival of creative arts and Fashion & Lifestyle Expo. Currently working as a project assistant at Window Displays Week and a freelance fashion designer.</p>

Mario Cvetkovski


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