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Purchase Agreement

This Purchase Agreement is a legal document between two parties, iCR8 LTD on one side, and an End customer (Buyer) who buys goods directly from stock placed and sold at 
I.iCR8 LTD (Benglog, Llandeiniol, Llanrhystud, SY23 5AW) as “Seller”; AND
II.END CUSTOMER, as “Buyer”.
The Parties agree to the following:
1. This Agreement describes the terms and conditions of the purchase of merchandise – custom designed apparel, which were designed by a third party, and ensures that both parties will follow through on their promises regarding the purchase. With the buying activity itself(purchase of a product offered on, the End Customer (Buyer) accepts the terms of purchase within these Agreement and the common laws regarding the matter, otherwise they’re obligated to immediately stop using the services provided by the Seller and leave the website
Ownership of the custom design’s (logos, trademarks, custom drawings etc.) legal copyrights are owned by a third party, and thus, Buyer has no legal right to copy, reproduce or manufacture other merchandise using the custom design without consent of the third party who owns the copyrights of the design.
2. Upon accepting this Agreement and placing the order, the Buyer accepts to pay the full price, listed as a price of the product on the specific web shop at, and they confirm that the Seller, has informed the Buyer about:
  • Basic characteristics of the merchandise;
  • Address and other ID-related issues regarding the Seller;
  • The price of the merchandise, including transport and shipment expenses;
  • All the available payment methods, available shipment methods and the available dispute methods;
3. Seller is obligated to take the order to the shipping company, no longer than 2 days from the day of the on-line payment. The shipping time varies depending on the continent of Buyer’s address. For Europe, the estimated time of shipping is 4 days, and 6 days worldwide. The Seller takes no responsibility for the delays of the shipping company. If delays occur, the Seller is not obligated to inform the Buyer.
Shipping of the merchandise shall be made directly to the Buyer or to another person authorized by the Buyer, to the address provided by the Buyer.
Buyer is responsible for the accuracy and validity of the provided shipping address. Seller takes no responsibility for not receiving the merchandise because of errors in the provided shipping address.
Delivery will be made according to the Buyer’s instructions, by postal or courier service and shipping expenses shall be covered by the Buyer. Seller shall charge shipping charges that may vary, depending the size, quantity and place of order of the merchandise. If a bigger order is placed, the Buyer can contact the Seller via e-mail, to arrange different shipping methods than the ones available at the moment at
4. Buyer is obligated to check the merchandise immediately upon receiving and if needed, within the timeline of 10 days after receiving, report by e-mail to the Seller if the received merchandise does not comply with the placed order (number of items, size, design, color, damaged goods, etc.).
Seller guarantees for all the hidden flaws of the merchandise in the timeline of 10 days after the Buyer receives the merchandise.
In case of flaws which are guaranteed by the Seller, Buyer will initially cover the return expenses, and when the flaws shall be confirmed by the Seller (upon receiving back the merchandise), all the expenses for returning the merchandise and sending another shipment with replacement of the goods will be covered by the Seller.
5. The Buyer acknowledges and is consent with the fact that the Seller shall receive Buyer’s personal data needed for this Agreement to be fully fulfilled. This data shall be kept confidential and used only in the performance under this Agreement. The Seller will not sell or rent these information to third parties. 
Personal promotion of the Seller’s scope of business shall be considered as performance under this Agreement. 
6. For every question, dispute, consultation, the Buyer should contact the Seller on If the Seller needs to provide some information to the Buyer, they will do it via e-mail, via Buyer’s provided e-mail in the section “Personal info” on the Buyer’s profile at 
7. If either party is unable to perform any of its obligations by reason of fire or other casualty, strike, act or order of public authority, or other cause beyond the control of such party, then such party shall be excused from such performance during the tendency of such cause.
8. In case of any kind of dispute regarding the interpretation of any part of this Agreement, both Parties shall commit into peaceful settlement of the dispute. If such a settlement is impossible to be achieved, both Parties agree that jurisdiction over resolving the dispute will be enforced by the decisions of Swiss Arbitration in Zurich.