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Floortje van Cooten
"Beautiful just as you are" 

As a child you have spent plenty of your time on DIY things. Does this interest indicate your exiting profession?

A bit yes...I always have been a big crafter and I hope I will always be.  My current job is 50% social media management for companies and building web sites, which for me is a way of online crafting. I can express my creativity in a way to help companies, which is what I love. The other half is the blog and my jewelry brand Je Suis Flore, which is both being creative and create .

When did your write your first fashion article?

My first ever article was on the 25th of November which was a post about glitter outfits that inspired me. The second one was my first ever outfit post wearing an all black outfit with a bright pink sweater and a chain belt as a sort of necklace. I remember I thought it was so cool and inventive as it were both vintage items from my mom. For me it is so funny to see as well how young I was there and how much I, and my style, changed. 

What inspires you the most? Where do you find your inspirations? 

I can really find inspiration from everything. From a nice bouquet of flowers or a stroll in the city. I love interior books (my second biggest passion) which even inspire me in fashion or just scroll around on Instagram or Pinterest for outfit ideas. 
I love interior books (my second biggest  passion), which even inspire me in fashion.
I  wanna share  my passion with my followers and hopefully inspire others to do things better or differently. 

 What stands behind the brand Floortjeloves?

Not more than the name is saying to be honest: just everything what I (Floortje) loves. I want to share my passions with my followers and hopefully inspire others to do things better or differently. Like loving yourself or living a more conscious life. Next to that it includes of course a dose of outfit inspiration as well. 

Could you tell us a little bit more about your experience as a model in Istanbul?

I went to Istanbul for modeling when I was 19 years old. It was the second time living by myself abroad but still very exciting. I did modeling work there for two months and got just two days off in total, so I worked a lot. It was one of the best experiences ever as I really lived a dream many girls want to live, so I am very grateful for that. During the time I did some very cool shoots and shows which will still give me a big smile thinking back of it. I also fell in love with the city as it is so beautiful. Cannot wait to go back one day!

You have been bullied in school you said. How did this effect your confidence and what will your advice be?

As a kid i have been bullied at school a lot and never belonged to a group. However, as painful as it is at that moment, I think it only made me stronger and the woman I am now today. That is why I choose to do something with that in the design for the T-Shirt. I wanted to share self love and confidence to all woman, and men, cause that is the most important thing in life ; loving yourself. No matter what other people say, you are beautiful just as you are. Something everybody should remember every day. 
Life isn't perfect, but your outfit can be!

What is your life motto? 

Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be! For me it goes deeper than it sounds. In life things are never perfect and there are always others who you think do better. But try to get the most out of life, everyday. Even though it is not perfect, there are always ways to make it more perfect like your outfit, but also your meal, friends etc.