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How to start, what to do and what to expect when you become a Designer.

Why is an apparel design platform, where individuals can easily convert their creations into own branded products. We have 20+ years’ experience in creating, manufacturing, dyeing, and sewing t-shirts and polo shirts, all under one roof. It is time to share our knowledge with those who seek high-level quality in this kind of products around the world. is a team of creatives, developers, designers, textile experts and entrepreneurs that decided to make iCR8 possible. Success does not come alone, that is why we are starting a community of like-minded fashion lovers to share our dreams, leave their mark and earn their profits.  We know everybody with a will and creativity, can be a fashion designer, our job is to make that dream reality.

How does work? is a free platform that lets you create and sell with no upfront cost or risk. We handle everything, from producing the items, printing, to delivery to customer. is for everyone — from designers who want to have own brand, to entrepreneurs - boutiques looking to start their own online business, to influencers who see them self as entrepreneurs offering awesome merch to their fans, to brands looking for a designers to make an outstanding designs for their own behalf,  and everyone in between.

Getting stared


1. Why should I become a designer?

Having the will to create and inspiration to draw off your creativity in final artistic product is the reason to open an account on immediately. Be designer and earn form your creativity. Design items under your own label. You are on the right place, where you have the opportunity to become a fashion brand. 

2. Is creating a profile free?

        Yes, creating a profile on iCR8 is completely free.

3. How to create iCR8 profile?

Signing up to iCR8 might be the best decision you'll ever make. 
If you're over 18, please pick any username as long as it hasn’t been used. Signing up is free. 
Once you’ve read the User Agreement, you can head on over to our Log in page to get started.
You can sign up with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account or you can create new account. 
You can make your own landing page by using the various section available for you. We have created a fully customizable set of sections for your profile that you can play around and design your public page as you like it.

4. Design Lab

As far as you are logged in you can go to Design Lab and start designing and creating your items. In this video you can see the details on how our Design Lab works. 
Make your custom item from scratch. You can design female or male fashion item by choosing from more than 100 different bases. 
  • Pick from a various colors and extensive materials
  • Design your item
  • Create under your own label or use iCR8 label
  • Earn from your design by setting your margin
      After you have created and published your first product using Design Lab, you become iCR8 Designer.

5. Do I need to pay anything for using the design lab?

The design lab is a toll made especially for you and you can use at no cost.

6. Designing- tutorial

On the video you can see the tutorial on how to use the design lab. 
What type of graphic art should I upload?
Please upload a png file for best printing. Once you gain access to the platform, you can use the available online tool to design your item. 
Start by choosing a base style silhouette, and then selecting colors, fabrics, body endings, body ending stich color. Chose the neckline type and opening. You can choose also the neckline biding. Select the sleeve length. You can put a patch choosing from the various material designs. On the next step you can upload your design in front, on the back or on the sleeves. You can also add a pocket.  Personalize the design for your custom item by adding your logo. If you don’t have one you use one of icr8’s logo labels.  At the end name and describe your item. Use the tags options so your item can be easily found afterwards. Capture the designed product. As far as you are completely ready with the product you can published it or keep it draft for further changes.

7. Do I have to pay anything to use iCR8 platform?

No, iCR8 is completely free to use. All products are made-to-order so you don’t need to invest anything upfront. You’ll earn profit when you make a sale. 

8. How do I make money using

You choose the selling price and profit for all of your items. When an item sells you get to keep the profit. For example, the base cost of a t-shirt is EUR 10 and your selling price is EUR 25; when you sell a shirt you will earn EUR 15. The threshold for production is 200 items.   Once the orders are made the production of the item stars and your profit will be available for withdrawal 

9. Who owns the design?

The design is an intellectual property of the author. You are the only one who have the rights on the act, unless you give the permission to someone else to use it.

10.Copyright issues

Copyright is a form of intellectual property that grants the creator of an original creative work an exclusive legal right to determine whether and under what conditions this original work may be copied and used by others, usually for a limited term of years.

How can I contact 

Use our Contact section to receive a response within 24 hours.   Or you can chat with us on messenger. 

Product Quality

We are truly concerned with creating an outstanding and perfect product. The manufacturing must be paramount. So we are really careful in production of each detail of the item. The production is based in Europe. 
The material is span and weaved from raw cotton. 
The coloring of materials used for production are certified and safe, posing no risk for human health. Afterwards the material is washed with a special technique. 
The printing is with a screen printing technique with tested colors, which are certified and safe.