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Seoul: Display of the innovative 21st century fashion

First was the K-pop, then K-beauty and now it is time for K-fashion. And what is K-fashion? Well, it’s all about Seoul...

Success Story

Dominic Grizzelle - stylist and content creator

To break down the walls of toxic masculinity by inspiring them to have a more open mind and a little more compassion and understanding ...


Floortje van Cooten "Beautiful just as you are"

I can really find inspiration from everything. From a nice bouquet of flowers or a stroll in the city.


When Slogans Bedazzle Haute Couture

Did you ever think that slogans will be part of the haute couture exquisite and limited-access world?If the obvious answer is “No”, see the latest haute couture collection from Viktor & Rolf and just think again…



Dive into a comic book world of superheroes and villains – the everlasting T-shirt inspiration for many generations. From Super-Man to Batman, Wonder Woman and Thor, comic books give inspiration for many to choose their preferred benevolent fictional character and show their superhero mode with a T-shirt.

Success Story

Katerina Dimitrovska - a passionate wanderer between science and art

Everywhere I look I get inspired. I can take one glimpse at a garbage can and design a complete collection with an intriguing story, because my creativity overflows.


Mykonos: Chic and Divine Getaway

Summer means vacation, means traveling, means adventure, means exploring new places, means parties, means summer fashion vibes…


Stickers & Patches

From valuable childhood memorabilia items, they have become essential ‘accessories’ in today’s fashion. Everywhere you look, they are there. Without realizing it, we are surrounded by these fashionistas’ essentials which echo the need for ‘recycling’ of our every-day looks.


Neo Iconography meets T-Shirts

The denier cry for fashion, seems to depict a twist of modern day pop culture, as we witness graphic faces and retro icons placed on tees as a possible 2019 trend. These t-shirts portray canvases where fashion designers express their creativity and alignment with various figures, both from the imaginary and the real world. From t-shirts proclaiming various social, political or cultural messages, to the massive exploitation of fashion brand’s logos, it appears that now we are entering in a new wave of t-shirts trend – the neo iconography.


Stardust for the Avatar Supermodel Shudu

The supremacy of the digital world is opening its doors for no more no less that digital models or even better said, digital influencers. And yes, it is not a fuzzy information, digital models are here and they are here to stay.And this is how it all started… In April of 2017 an enigmatic and flawless muse, named Shudu, appeared on Instagram instantly encapsulating the title World’s first digital supermodel and capturing the attention of the audience. Shudu appearance is so real, it is hard to determine whether she is a real model or an AI poetic portrayal.


Tee clash

Tee shirt. A trend which shined back in the 90s, the era that was more street than runway, when bling was stylish and the MTV generation became loyal to the titans of fashion design by wearing their roaring logos on their chests. The same fashion brands are now reinventing the tees’ role in 21st century, using them as a megaphone for amplifying a bold rebellious, often political, statement. Go loud with all-over slogan, or go home!


Tune up your style

It was simple enough in the past – you like Nirvana, you buy their famous Smiley T-Shirt. Today it’s far more complicated. Either you like listening “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or you don’t, you must have the Nirvana tee in your wardrobe. Music T-shirts are a fashion statement!

Success Story

To all the women out there: you are beautiful

Confidence nor self-love comes in a box. It is something you, and only you, can create. The journey is long and definitely not easy. But work on it, every day you can.


Art & Fashion

When art meets fashion…when fashion meets art. Fashion is a novelty generator and like art, it is a barometer of cultural practices of the time we live in, despite the continuous discussions whether it is an art form or not.

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